Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sam Bradley & Justin Nozuka Concert 12.2.09

I went down to the Wonder Ballroom to see Sam Bradley and The Men, but they were just the middle act. The opener was Elizabeth and the Catapult and the closing act was the Justin Nozuka Band. I feel in love with the song Holly which was the opening sond to some VH1 show, but hearing them live I don't know why I didn't have an album from Justin Nozuka yet.
Guitar player Dave Meszaros
Bass player Jeff Reidlinger
 Sam Bradley
My newly made friend Colleen who got the set list.
The Men guitar player Dave Meszaros

Sam Bradley & The Men
Sam Bradley
Justin Nozuka

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thanksgiving 11.26.09

I couldn't go to CA to see my family for Thanksgiving, but I had the pleasure of going to Jen & Logan's place. Jen is one amazing cook and Logan is quite the mixologist. I brought the candied yams. I should have gone to their apartment more when I lived in Portland. One because they are awesome. Two because Jen cooks and Logan gives me liquor. Three because they were next door to Voodoo Doughnuts. :P
 Pecan pie, pumpkin pie AND cheesecake.
 "I can haz turkey?" - Sadie
 The turkey's name was Henrietta. She was delicious.
 Yum yum!
 My hair had such a good day.
I should have worn pig tails for dinner instead.

Founder's Day Celebrations 11.15.09

I made a trip down to CA for Tri Delta's Founder's Day.
Founder's Day every November celebrates our four founding members: Sarah Ida Shaw, Eleanor Dorcas Pond, Isabel Morgan Breed, and Florence Isabelle Stewart.
This was the 121st year to celebrate and honor this women's organization.
 At UC Davis with the Sacramento Alumnae.
 With my little Erin at Pacific with the Stockton Alumnae.
 With my twin Dayna. 
 With Juliana.
 With the family - Erin, my little, Brittney, my great grandlittle, and Adrienne, my grandlittle.
 With Dayna, Sarah, Erin, Deanna & Ronda.
 With my first house roommate Abby.
 With Dayna & Nia.
 With Paloma & Elizabeth.
 With Meghann.
 With Brittney.
 With Shannon.
Got to stop by to see my favorite local policeman & good friend Kosta.

New Moon Cast Tour 11.12.09

Two weeks prior I stood in a line from approximately midnight til 8 a.m. in oder to buy a New Moon shirt (which I still wear to bed) in order to gain one of the 500 bracelets in order to get a New Moon poster signed by Daniel Cudmore and Charlie Bewley. I was lucky enough to meet some cool people in line, just as is always the case with Twilight events. We keep in touch so that way we would meet at the line up together. And we weren't the first people in the line, but we were close.

King 5 News reported on this. I'm in the video on that page starting at 25 seconds. I die laughing at it every time.
"Can I get a little bicep feel?” asked one woman. When Cudmore noded, she did a fist pump – “Yes!" - - I was that woman!! ha ha :P


So excited to see Daniel Cudmore!!