Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Moon Cast Tour 11.12.09

Two weeks prior I stood in a line from approximately midnight til 8 a.m. in oder to buy a New Moon shirt (which I still wear to bed) in order to gain one of the 500 bracelets in order to get a New Moon poster signed by Daniel Cudmore and Charlie Bewley. I was lucky enough to meet some cool people in line, just as is always the case with Twilight events. We keep in touch so that way we would meet at the line up together. And we weren't the first people in the line, but we were close.

King 5 News reported on this. I'm in the video on that page starting at 25 seconds. I die laughing at it every time.
"Can I get a little bicep feel?” asked one woman. When Cudmore noded, she did a fist pump – “Yes!" - - I was that woman!! ha ha :P


So excited to see Daniel Cudmore!!


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