Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oregon Zoo 10.25.09

I asked my roommate if she wanted to go to the zoo. She said no because it would be dirty. I knew from that moment that we could never be friends. I love zoos.

Mountain goat at the zoo entrance

If only I could sleep as good as this tiger...

Taking a train ride around the zoo first to get my bearings and decide my course.

So excited!

Baby and mama elephant

My paw is definitely not this big!

I love how this bird is just hanging out on a girl's beanie.

I never saw Rufus. :(

These bats make me think of Hot Zone and Ebola and stuff.

And so does this colobus monkey which are often experimented one. Maybe that's why this little guy is so sad.

I wish I could have seen the giraffe outside like the elephants.

These zebra photos are so colorful and vibrant. They just make me happy.

This orangutan just loved all the attention.

Can you see the jaguar in the background?!

Such a successful day at the zoo.

Jumping salmon!

I wish I could see more bald eagles outside of captivity.