Thursday, May 31, 2012

San Diego 10.03.09

So what’s a year in the pharmacy world without a conference. The only reason for going really was to gain a little bit of pharmacy knowledge, to network a little bit, but really to see old friends. How random is it that I was able to reconnect with people rom such differet phases of life. Shayna was my nieghbor when I was 6 years old, Vanessa was a fellow flute player with me in middle school band, and Enjoli was a friend from high school.

I met up with Vanessa in between pharmacy continuing education sessions.

Messing around Target with Enjoli.

Meeting up with Shayna at a nightclub.
Saying goodbye after spending the weekend at Enjoli's instead of a hotel.

Portland V.A. Hospital Fall 2009

For nearly 9 months I had the pleasure of working for the V.A. Hospital atop the city of Portland. Even having worked for years in different pharmacies already, I had no idea what I was getting into. I could not believe the receptiveness of the patients. Maybe it was because many of the men were Vietnam vets would had no one left in their lives. It was rewarding to feel like I was giving back to those who served our country. It was also pleasant to hear a thank you here and there which is more than I had received by working in communities where every prescription to most patients was provided free to the patient by state aid. It is a constant challenge working a tireless and mostly thankless job, even more so since I happen to be a very giving person. It was a long nine months, working sometimes an exhausting amount of hours and usually waking up much earlier than the sun, but I learned so much. I will always value the time I spent working at the V.A. and hopefully one day I will have the chance again.

When I didn’t have to commute by the bus-train-bus route to the Vancouver campus, I would walk down the hill from my rented house to OHSU, the university hospital, and walk across the skybridge to get to the VA hospital. The pedestrian bridge happens to be the longest suspended skybridge in North America at a length of 660 feet. Here are a few of my views from the sky bridge:

Bella's House Again 09.26.09

So after the Sam Bradley show on the 25th, I had to head over to Bella’s house in Surrey because I knew they were shooting that night. No actors stopped after filming, but Alice’s car was spotted.
The next day I figured I would take the time to check out old shooting sights I had missed before.
Kyle Center – where they had the police station
Belcarra Regional Park White Pine Beach – where the bad vampires come out of the water in Eclipse
 Jacob’s House

 A black bear in the trees by Jacob’s house
Belmont Farms - The barn where they filmed Jacper's flashback scene
 Tim Horton’s – a snack during all the driving
 Finished off with Bella’s house again before leaving Canada

 Back in the states